maybe louis will be nominated for an oscar for his incredible performance every time an interviewer hits on harry

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louis tomlinson does not have a bad angle



i still can’t believe louis met his soulmate by peeing on him he was already marking his territory

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"i don’t have time to start reading that book" [opens 200k fic]

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“Paddy does live with me now. I am the most secure pop star ever. We hang out and have a good laugh. It’s nice to have somebody, who cares about you than someone who is just doing a job. He does a lot for me because he is a nice guy – I don’t ask him to do it.”

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Harry in music videos complete! Hella cute even with the mozart hair if ya ask me.

On mugs and more 

Other Boys: Zayn tbc

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people have made louis come can you believe not only have people witnessed him coming but have been the cause of it i would put that on my fucking resumé

can you believe he puts his hand around his dick and strokes himself till he comes and everything in him is clenching regularly like maybe even daily

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Louis does all his own stunts #YouAndIFragrance1D

Louis does all his own stunts #YouAndIFragrance1D

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Who is always late? +

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